Only a few fragments of our ancestors’ tools survive. What would one find if visiting those early humans were possible? Could one discern purpose from the implements they used?
New Zealand flax, found objects, metal, wire, various plant stems
2x 10x90x45cm Display Case

Something out of Nothing - Upstairs Gallery September 2017
Twine & Twilight - Chelsea Physic Garden August 2017
Textile Foundation Alumni - Morley Gallery July 2017
Textiles & Botany - South London Botanical Institute June 2017
My artistic practice is rooted in experimentation with natural processes and the idea of place. Three key aims are sustainability using localized resources, trying to minimize my artistic footprint and engaging the viewer in discovering beauty in the transient.
This concept of place, the bi-products of eco dyeing, and my fixation with craftsmen’s tools has led to the development of a new group of work, ‘Artefact’ which has evolved into ‘nest’, ‘implements’ and ‘adornment’, created with found objects and natural foliage, both homegrown and gathered along the towpath. Ross Belton
All photographs Jonathan Dredge
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