Ross Belton (Textiles) & Valentina Grecchi (Jewellery)
Leaves on the river surface, rust in the water, floating downstream... copper chains halting the drift, ‘eucalyptus’ clasps hold and reflect the natural dyeing process.
Media: Natural dyed, eco-printed silk, crochet rusted wire and eucalyptus, hand dyed natural colour
180x40x40cm Display mannequin
Roots, Shoots & Leaves - Upstairs Gallery July / August 2017
Textile Alchemy - WAC Gallery June 2016
The Catwalk Show - Emma Cons Hall June 2016
Emerge, Evolve, Adorn - Morley Gallery June 2016
Ross Belton (@spottedhyenas) created the eco print silk chiffon. The silk was folded and wrapped around crocheted rusted wire to form a bundle. This was then put through an accelerated rusting process, and finally submerged in a natural eucalyptus dye bath. The underskirt bundle followed the same process, without the rusting, and had eucalyptus leaves sandwiched between the folded layers of silk.
The bespoke jewellery was designed and handmade by Valentina Grecchi. Eucalyptus clasps, reference the leaves used to create the print and colour, with the copper chains forming a harness holding the different pieces of fabric together, creating the silhouette.
All photographs Jonathan Dredge
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