Shaman's Mantle
The mantle reflects the Anglo-African influences in my identity and is decorated with a personal collection of bibelots, collected from my journeys. Beads, metallic objects, adornments and seedpods create percussive rhythms as the Shaman dances...​​​​​​​
Media: Recycled fishing net, recycled tin lids, naturally dyed and eco-printed silk and cotton, various vintage beads, silver trinkets
Hand dyed all natural colour; red onions skins, rusted metal, indigo and eucalyptus
Inspired by the Powhatan's Mantle and the Canadian Skin Shirt, I wondered what other social anthropological curiosities the Tradescants may have discovered on their botanical expeditions?
'Powhatan's Mantle is the only surviving example of five 'match-coats' and habits supposedly made by the Algonquian Indians of Virginia listed in the 1656 catalogue of the Tradescant collection.'
The Curiosity Project 
Garden Museum London
Lambeth Palace Road London
 SE1 7LB 
Open daily until 15 October 2017
All photographs Jonathan Dredge
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