White fence : f o r g o t t e n 
White Fence was created in response to the waves of COVID 19 deaths in care facilities, traditionally a safe space where our loved ones are meant to be cared for with kindness & compassion. We must never forget what happened to these vulnerable people just because we are now vaccinated, the government knowingly allowed this massacre to take place and we must not forget this abhorrent tragedy. White Fence has developed as the Pandemic has progressed and like the rules and regulations we live our lives by now – it is ever changing and adaptable, twisting and turning, adapting into new shapes and growing with the death figures both acknowledged and forgotten.
White Fence has been exhibited at the 'St Saviours Winter Show' and the 'Japanese Textile and Craft Festival'.
After the relentless bombardment of daily statistics and latterly questionable accuracy, as the tallies rose and all accountability disappeared, I felt the need to visualise that mortality, highlighting the forgotten ‘adjustments’ and the ‘fallen by the wayside’ care home residents (not even in the statics anymore), whilst offering some hope as life continues in this ’new normal’.
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