Still Life’ was a  work cerated by Ross for our first exhibition as moderneccentrics at the Leicester Contemporary.

It is hard to see how any person could ever have “reasonable grounds” for not rescuing a person in distress at sea…

Schedule 4A, part A1, paragraph J1

The piece exhibited as part of PRISM Untold and then shown at the Lloyds Register Foundation’s Safer World Conference at the Old Billingsgate, London, which brought together 'thought leaders' from research, academia, business and government to discuss today’s biggest safety challenges and new approaches needed to create a safer world. The organisers of the event invited Ross to exhibit ‘Still Life’ in the hall as the genesis of the project chimes with the aims of the conference. The piece, inspired by the government’s pushback policy and the safety of refugees at sea, hanging in the centre of the exhibition floor emblematic of the work the conference in championing. 
To coincide with ‘Still Life‘ at the Old Billingsgate, we have produced a book of the Still Life’ exhibition shown at the Leicester Contemporary Gallery in November. 
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